Family Time with Peppa

PEPPA PIG KEEPS LITTLE ONES ENTERTAINED AT HOME WITH NEW EPISODES AIRING ON ABC KIDS, ACTIVITIES, APPS, MUSIC AND MORE! As kids are spending more time indoors, parents are having to get creative with ways to keep them entertained and… Continue Reading >

Top tips on How to “Parent On” during COVID-19 Isolation

Staying home in current times can be a challenging adjustment for many parents who are used to being out and about. For many, this means staying on top of the same usual duties, while being stuck in the same place. In… Continue Reading >

Fun & Healthy Recipes to Bake with the Kids

We are all stuck at home and we don’t know for how long so it’s important we look at things we can do. There has never been a more important time to take care of our health from home so… Continue Reading >

Back-to-School Inspiration from the School Lunchbox Dad

Media kindly brought to you by Stuck On You If you need school lunch box inspiration for 2020, then look no further than right here! Whoever said packing lunch boxes is only a duty for Mum needs to read this—along… Continue Reading >

Delicious recycling ideas for National Recycling Week

Mayver’s is encouraging all peanut butter lovers to get creative and think about their recycling habits this National Recycling Week, November 11-17. In particular, how they can reuse or ‘upcycle’ their empty Mayver’s jars. All Mayver’s fullsize spreads come in… Continue Reading >

Benefits of Outdoor Play

Media kindly brought to you by Gazillion Bubble Rush   Oh, to be a child again. To see the world through the eyes of excitement, surprise and wonder with innocence, curiosity and awe. The formative years of a child’s life… Continue Reading >

World Environmental Day

Today is World Environment Day (5th June) and the whole planet is celebrating by going green! Thanks to our friends at Bostik for providing us with kid-friendly craft projects that encourages kids to learn about our environment in a creative… Continue Reading >

The benefits of Journaling (and some prompts to get you started)

You can use a journal to be creative, find out more about yourself, develop your intuition and solve problems. By getting thoughts out of your head and down on paper, you can gain insights about yourself that you might not… Continue Reading >

What DO children REALLY need?

by Jay Anderson   Such a simple question.  But, think about it for a while.  Where to start?  Perhaps the answer is simple.  Maybe.  Perhaps it is complex.  A comprehensive and detailed set of components, significant….what do you think? Ok,… Continue Reading >

How to clean safely with a baby in the house

There are so many benefits to being a parent, however, what comes with them is also the responsibility of keeping your baby safe. This requires constant awareness because sometimes the danger could lurk in the most unusual place. That’s the… Continue Reading >