Motherhood and Anxiety

Anxiety is a far more common issue with new mums than postnatal depression. For many women, anxiety, not sadness, is what they feel after having their baby. It can start in pregnancy and once the baby is born to grow to… Continue Reading >

How To Support Your Child During A Separation

Going through a separation can be a complex journey, and it can be impossible to predict how this decision is going to impact your child. Regardless of their age, children are very intuitive to change and unrest, and so it… Continue Reading >

Grief after a bad birth

Fiona Rogerson   Let’s talk about grief after birth trauma. Your baby is here.  He’s healthy, he’s growing.  All you ever wanted was for him to be born safely and healthy.  But months on, there’s still a lingering darkness that… Continue Reading >

Caring for a Family Member with Autism

While care for someone with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) can be provided by professional services, in-home support carried out by family members is still very common. If you are currently caring for a family member with ASD, there are a… Continue Reading >

Understanding your child’s emotions

by Jay Anderson   Emotions can be tricky…….sometimes even adults can’t manage their emotions!! Upset, angry, Annoyed, happy, hurt, frustrated, sad, nervous, scared, excited…….so many different feelings. So many situations, and as humans – we all respond differently.   Children… Continue Reading >

Positive Mind Works

Speak to an experienced Australian Psychologist from the comfort of your home or office. Seek effective help for a range of concerns, including depression, anxiety, relationship concerns and more. Time For Change? Are you feeling stuck? Or do you feel that… Continue Reading >

Never underestimate the power of a woman

After 7 years with my partner, I was thrilled when I found out we were pregnant. It was hard as he was living in a different state due to his line of work, but we managed. Soon after I told… Continue Reading >