Trauma, connection and stress in the home

Connection is the foundation of a thriving, respectful and productive relationship with your baby. Without connection, you dive into dark and murky waters feeling your way into uncharted territory. Your relationship with your child starts before birth when they start… Continue Reading >

5 New Ways to Avoid Parent-Teen Conflict at Christmas Time…

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How to Avoid Family Conflict this Christmas

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How to Resolve Conflict During the Festive Season

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How to Best Deal with Conflict with Your Partner When You have a New Baby

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Surviving Family COVID Christmas

By LifestyleDr Karen Phillip, Counselling Psychotherapist   A COVID Christmas may be very different. Many of us will be able to get together in person while others will be estranged, missing those family members in other states of lockdown or… Continue Reading >

How To Resolve Conflict This Holiday Season!

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Resolving Conflict Around The Festive Season

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How To Resolve Conflict During The Festive Season

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Conflict resolution amongst families during the festive season

The festive season represents many good things for most people. Family time, laughter, celebration, gifts and generally hanging with close friends and family. It also represents tough times for others – people who are alone and don’t have families or… Continue Reading >