Overcoming the Monster

Everything about the idea of introducing you to the seven plots used in story is exciting because it is with the intention of giving you a load of ideas about the books you choose for your child, especially when you… Continue Reading >

What A Character!

When people pass away you find out things you didn’t know about them before. I find eulogies interesting because you always learn something about someone that you thought you knew well but there’s always something you didn’t know – even… Continue Reading >

Without Super Human Strength

When I was a child we used to say, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me” our magical chant we used to recite to ward off bullies. Unfortunately, it was the biggest lie ever… Continue Reading >

The importance of play in the lives of young children

In early childhood education, play has characteristically been regarded as the main way that young children learn. There are many forms of play including, block play, symbolic play, water play, and so on, each with their specific definitions and association… Continue Reading >

Kid’s Birthday Ideas to Inspire Your Child’s Next Party

As soon as you organise one birthday party, it feels like next years is only around the corner. Kids grow up quickly. Each year, birthday parties present a new challenge for parents. Do you have it at home? Inside or… Continue Reading >

How a single Mum left broke from divorce built her own home for just $13,000

The Australian Dream or Great Australian Dream is a belief that in Australia, home-ownership can lead to a better life and is an expression of success and security. Despite the fact, the real estate market has cooled, and prices have… Continue Reading >