A DIY Celebration for Dad

As Father’s Day rolls around, we’re being bombarded with targeted shopping messages from the big retailers once again – whether you’re stuck in lockdown or living a relatively normal life – the ads are everywhere. But who really needs another… Continue Reading >

Essential Birthday Baking Tips  

Birthdays are a big deal when you’re a kid, and the highlight of the day is so often the cake. Sure, presents are exciting, but long after they’ve been unwrapped and forgotten, the story your kid will be telling is… Continue Reading >

Lemon Meringue Crepe Cake

This Lemon Meringue Crepe Cake has over 20 layers of soft crepes, sweet and tangy Lemon Curd and whipped cream and it’s topped with a fluffy pillow of toasted Meringue.   SERVES: lots PREPARATION TIME: 30 minutes COOKING TIME: 15… Continue Reading >

Five Party Games that every Guest will Love

People often place high expectations on themselves when it comes to hosting birthday parties. It’s often all about the venue, decorations, cake and food but I have always found that key to a successful party is a steady flow of… Continue Reading >

Coconut Recipe Inspiration this Festive Season!

The festive season is just around the corner! For some, this is an exciting time and for others, it can be incredibly stressful. Ever sit there and worry about what plate you’re going to bring along to a party? Worry… Continue Reading >

Sugar – the good and the bad

What is sugar? Most of us think of sugar as the white stuff we put in tea or add to a cake, but sugar is so much more than that! Sugars are the building blocks that make up carbohydrates (along… Continue Reading >

Unicorn Foods

We are sure you have already noticed rainbows, pastel colours, sparkles and unicorns are the trends right now. They are all over social media and our kids are going wild about them. Any food item decorated, dyed and added with… Continue Reading >

Gluten Free Orange Cake

As much as possible I try to buy fruit that’s in season and at the moment beautiful fresh oranges are plentiful. Orange cake is a great way to use them. It’s quick and easy to make and great in lunch… Continue Reading >