How to Tackle Bullying Towards Kids with Disabilities

By: Steve Wakerley   The impact of bullying can be devastating to the self-esteem and mental health of children, with effects that can last a lifetime.  Disturbingly, the incidence of bullying is increased for children with disabilities. Research has found… Continue Reading >

The key to bully-proofing your child

Bullying is a scourge.  Not a single Australian parent will be unaware of both the prevalence of bullying and the damage it can cause if left unaddressed.  As parents, we worry about it.  Unfortunately, worrying doesn’t change or improve the… Continue Reading >

Tips for kids on Screen Time and Bullying

As we adjust to the “new normal” that the global pandemic has created, it is important to keep track of what our kids are doing online and just how much time they are spending on tablets, computers and phones. When… Continue Reading >

Bullying V Bad Behaviour

The term bullying is an emotive term often used to describe negative interactions between two children or two adolescents. It is important to understand the difference between bullying behaviour and bad behaviour as they are not the same thing. The… Continue Reading >

United We Stand

Bullying is a form of control Nobody likes bullying, except the bullies, because that is how they feel good about themselves. Bullies want power and control. Nothing in life stays the same and everything changes all the time by either… Continue Reading >

Report finds bullying and emotional and behavioural problems impact on primary students’ learning ability

New research has found that a large percentage of Australian eight to 12-year-olds are being bullied and/or experiencing emotional difficulties – and these children are falling behind their peers in numeracy and reading in the classroom. The Murdoch Children’s Research… Continue Reading >

3 Ways to Avert Bullying

What social psychology can teach us about how to deal with bullying. We all have days when people are not particularly nice to us but bullying is a whole new level of mean that can leave people feeling completely disempowered…. Continue Reading >

Part 2: Make Bullying Un-Cool

Bullying causes scars we cannot see, however remain for life. Just because they are not visible to the eye doesn’t mean they do not exist.  They are real, very real and as a result of immeasurable pain and suffering. In… Continue Reading >