Building Resilience Through Play

Being resilient is an integral part of a child’s development and helps bolster mental health and well-being. Resilience is a character trait that we build and as such we can help our children become more resilient, meaning they will be… Continue Reading >

How to Build a Healthy Lunchbox

School is back in session which means we have a whole term of packing lunch boxes ahead of us. From meeting school requirements to finding something your kids will actually eat and won’t take you a 1hr to pack –… Continue Reading >

How to build strong family dynamics by creating your own rules

One of the most powerful ways to build strong family dynamics is to utilise the concept of Gamification. This means applying the principles and design of games to areas of your life that may appear to be nothing like a… Continue Reading >

3 Ways for Students to Build Strong and Positive Relationships with their Teachers

The new school year has started and your child may have a new teacher or may be starting high school, or perhaps your teen has a new English teacher this year. Whatever it may be, they will be spending the… Continue Reading >

4 Ways to Empower Your Child

  Give your child choices– Who does not like to have choices? Right? You can begin the process of decision making at a very early age. I always encourage parents to select several items that they find appropriate, and then… Continue Reading >

Preparing for your first baby…. from the practical to the great unknown.

Elisabeth Shaw, CEO Relationships Australia NSW.   Depending on how the pregnancy came about, preparing for your first baby can be a very romantic time. If the baby is wanted, if the couple feel very ready to become parents and… Continue Reading >

Frankie Pants’ Top Tips for Being a Superhero at Home

Being stuck at home for hours on end is no fun for anyone, but here are some top tips from Frankie Pants, superhero of new children’s book Frankie Pants & Mr Fox, on how kids can make the most of… Continue Reading >

8 MINUTES A DAY? – Quality Time

I’ve heard it said spending just 8 minutes of your day with (each of your) children is sufficient to sustain and build healthy relationships. I’m thinking “just eight minutes? I spend heaps more time than that…” Then I really start… Continue Reading >


(Simple Ways to Build Your Muscular Endurance)   Turn your back for five minutes and they’re off! You’re a parent now…. so never mind the Joneses, it’s the kids you need to keep up with, and if you want to… Continue Reading >

What is a Doula and what are the benefits of hiring one?

Traditionally, a Doula was a woman offering non-medical support and information to other women and their partners during birth and the postnatal period. ‘Doula‘ is a Greek word that came to mean “woman’s servant”. I believe that a Doula is a support and information bank… Continue Reading >