Simply Happy

Simply Happy

Let’s face it… Christmas doesn’t always look like it does in the movies.

Festive music, beautiful food, perfect outfits, wrapped and organised presents? That’s a lovely idea…

… But for those of us who’ve been in a Westfield close to midnight the day before Christmas Eve scrambling for even more supplies, that’s just as much a fairytale as Cinderella!

This Christmas, it’s time to reclaim the joy, celebration, and quality time we’re all hoping for every holiday period. Even if your family’s busy and on the run (whose isn’t this time of year?), these tips can help you to prepare for a stress-free, organised, and beautifully enjoyable Christmas.

1.    Stock up early 

Don’t let December catch you off guard! November is the best time to start gathering what you need for a simple and enjoyable holiday period. This is your opportunity to pull out your decorations, look at anything that needs to be fixed or purchased, buy your non-perishable foods, and finish off your present shopping. With smaller crowds and better stock levels, it’s a much better time to shop than during the December mayhem.

2.    Make the most of bulk meals 

If your calendar’s going to be full and busy throughout December, it’s time to fit in some bulk meal prepping. This is especially handy for nights when you’re running out the door with your meal. Easy, low-cost meals like slow-cooked casseroles, lasagnes, tuna bakes and more can be kept in the freezer and pulled out on those non-stop days.

3.    Prepare your Christmas food shopping list 

Sure, the shopping list might feel easy – but when you’re already overwhelmed, it’s just one more thing to organise. Create a shopping list for all of your Christmas food necessities, including the ingredients you need for your signature dishes. This can help you to avoid extra trips to the shops when you’ve forgotten something in the rush of it all!

4.    Delegate or outsource on Christmas Day 

Christmas Day commitments are too much for anyone to manage on their own. By getting your guests to bring some food or drinks along, everyone can help to lighten the load. You can also outsource some of the preparation by using local fruit and vegetable suppliers, catering, or meal-prep companies to help finish off the spread.cHrCh

5.    No more wrapping presents on Christmas Eve!

Why are you wrapping your own presents this time of year? Instead, you can either outsource this task to those amazing present wrappers in your local shopping centre (who are probably raising money for charity, making it a mutual win!), or you can use gift bags to remove the need for wrapping altogether.

In the midst of the holiday mayhem, nothing’s more important than the time you’re able to spend with family and friends. By preparing ahead of time, you can make the most of this precious time, making sure you’re not in the kitchen or at the shops when you could be sitting down and enjoying each other’s company.

Deep breaths, lots of lists, and saying no to anything you don’t have to do – this Christmas can be a game-changer!