It’s barbeque season and Cleaver’s Organic is inviting Aussies to ‘fire up the barbie’ and enjoy some quality family time with Cleaver’s NEW Sweet BBQ Beef Kebabs. These mouth watering kebabs are made with 100% grass-fed certified organic beef rumps and a delicious tomato & native pepperberry sauce, the perfect hassle-free option without compromising on any flavour.

For a quick, yet delicious meal, it’s as simple as placing Cleaver’s Sweet BBQ Beef Kebabs on a preheated BBQ plate, turning them regularly for 10-15 minutes or until cooked through.  Serve them with your preferred sides, and you have the perfect family friendly meal! 

But Cleaver’s Organic understands that some may need a little refresh on their skills since last summer. To ensure you are in your barbequing prime this season, Cleaver’s Chef, Ryan McBurney, provides his top tips for cooking the perfect barbie:

Preheat your BBQ:

Generally I will preheat my grill with the BBQ lid closed for efficiency and extra temperature.

Use charcoal:

Consider alternatives to using gas as your fuel source.  You get the best results with lump charcoal and natural wood coals. I would recommend you use a purpose built coal BBQ  and allow time to prepare coals for the grilling process. Different woods can impart subtle flavours to the grilled meat.

Be organised:

Grilling is generally a fast process, so have the necessary equipment on hand when you start so you can focus on cooking the meat perfectly. It helps if your BBQ is on level ground to avoid oil/fat running into potentially dangerous areas. If you’re cooking multiple batches of different meats, have a moist cloth you can pick up with tongs to quickly wipe the grill clean between batches.

Season before cooking:

Oil and season meat and ingredients immediately before placing on the grill, this is best done in a designated tray.  Cleaver’s kebabs are marinated for you already.

Use the most appropriate cooking surface:

Most BBQ’s have a rack above the grill, I use the rack in two ways; area above the open grill and area above the flat grill platen. The latter is a great place to keep grill items warm without over cooking while the other is a great way to cook items like chicken skewers or thicker meat items as the heat is less intense.

You can find Cleaver’s Sweet BBQ Beef Kebabs (RRP $10.15) alongside a range of products suitable for all barbequing occasions in over 1,000 selected Coles and Woolworths stores.  To find a local stockist visit the Cleaver’s website


Ryan commenced his culinary apprenticeship while travelling the UK and Europe and progressed through several British gastro-pubs, restaurants based in French cuisine and even a Vegetarian Ayurvedic exclusive health centre. Upon returning to Australia he expanded his repertoire with the Marriott Hotel group over several properties covering off both business and resort style culinary approaches. He progressed through all sections within the hotel kitchens from Garde Manger, Butchery, Patisserie, Al la Carte and Banquetting. He was also exposed to Tempanyaki, daily sushi and sashimi requests for the high volume of Japanese visitors.

He exited the hotels in 2005 and was keen to build on a solid platform. He took a role with David Pugh in the award winning Restaurant II in Brisbane CBD, it was here that while Ryan cooked entremittier (pans and garnish) that this venue won QLD restaurant of the year. From this point he was head hunted to work for many high quality venues using the best produce Australia could offer up.

During his career to date he has checked off recognized cooking schools, healthcare, 5 star hotels, produce driven restaurants, large scale high volume food production and manufacturing of retail food. He left the culinary scene in full time capacity to embark on an opportunity with Arcadian Organic & Natural Meat Co. as he believes wholeheartedly in the benefits of a completely natural products. He combines this philosophy and a love of all things meat with the Arcadian team.