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Little Change Creators

Little Change Creators

Paige McInnes is the creative mind behind award-winning children’s brand, Little Change Creators.

What started out as a passion project to keep her kids entertained has now become a trusted brand stocked by retailers across Australia. Paige, a former police artist and designer for IKEA, used her creative skills to develop a reusable product that kids and parents alike love.

Little Change Creators’ Re-FUN-able Colouring Sets are designed to spark creativity and kindness in kids while reducing our planet’s paper waste. They’re compact and dishwasher-safe, making them ideal for travel and multi-purpose play.

Paige believes in giving back to the community, so each set contains a social impact token for kids to join a journey creating positive change. Little Change Creators has partnered with a number of charitable organisations, including Little Dreamers Australia and Ronald McDonald House Charities, to donate products to disadvan-taged and vulnerable kids.

If you're looking for fun and eco-friendly gifts for kids, or you want to support a business that's making a real difference, make sure you visit the Little Change Creators website and download one of their free printable activities.



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