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Kriegler Education

Kriegler Education

Lili-Ann Kriegler (B. A Hons, H. Dip. Ed, M.Ed.) is a Melbourne-based education consultant and author.

Lili-Ann writes to share the wisdom she has acquired through her training and 30 years' experience in education. She is a child, parent and family advocate who believes that education is a transformative force for humanity. The family is a highly influential social unit. Experience within the family impacts the quality of scholastic performance and life success. Her contention is that the quality of families, in all their infinite variety, determines the quality of society.

Lili-Ann’s primary specialisations are in early childhood education (birth-9 years), leadership and optimising human thinking and cognition. Her current part-time role is as an education consultant at Independent Schools Victoria, and she runs her own consultancy, Kriegler-Education.

As an author and consultant with experience at all levels of education, she provides consultancy in curriculum design, concept-based teaching, school transition for enhanced thinking and pedagogical leadership. She is a senior trainer for the Feuerstein Institute, the International Centre for Enhanced Cognitive Potential (ICELP). She has done advanced study tours to Reggio Emilia in northern Italy to study the globally renowned early learning philosophy which originated there.

Lili-Ann is an engaging speaker. In her presentations, whether to small workshop groups or auditoriums, her knowledge is peppered with stories and practical examples. She tailors presentations to the specific interests and needs of her audience.

Lili-Ann has recently started a podcast with a friend, Ortal Green: called The Thinking Effect Podcast.



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Suggestions to Support your Children as they Transition Back to School

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There are these two young fish swimming along and they happen to meet an older fish swimming the other way, who nods at them and says “Morning, boys. How’s the water?” The two young fish swim on for a bit,… Continue Reading >

Play Isn’t Just Play – It Boosts the Way Your Kids Learn Too

Before my parents were up on weekend mornings, my siblings and I sailed pirate ships and fought off savage monsters, including the bane of Captain Hook’s life, the terrifying ticking crocodile. Our boat, a candlewick bedspread, was spanned and tucked… Continue Reading >

Invest in Gifts that Promote Activities to Enhance Children’s Physical and Intellectual Development

When you purchase gifts for your children why not think beyond entertainment to how the toys and equipment enhance their thinking and physical development? Babies learn through their senses Babies are explorers and they use all their senses to discover… Continue Reading >



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