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Elise Clement

Elise Clement

Elise Clement is a holistic psychotherapist, life coach and facilitator. She supports women's mental and emotional wellbeing through life transitions, both personal and professional: processing the identity shift that comes with motherhood, navigating the demands of work and mothering, or any other turning point that requires overcoming self-doubt and courageously drawing a different picture of success. She has a special interest in Matrescence and guiding women through self-discovery and self-empowerment at various stages of their mothering journeys: whether they’re trying to conceive, pregnant or actively mothering. Elise works with women one-on-one and facilitates group gatherings where she provides a gentle space for women to feel seen, heard and supported as they reclaim their unique gifts and power in this season of their life.



How to manage feelings of guilt as a mother 

A big part of my work involves supporting mothers as they reconcile their needs and ambitions as women with their family commitments. What we usually tackle first is the GUILT monster. The one that shows up when they raise their… Continue Reading >

Three Essential Steps to Enhance Your Ability to Conceive 

Your ability to conceive is influenced by a complex interaction between physical, psychological and emotional factors. The body/mind connection is essential to take into consideration when looking to enhance your ability to conceive a baby. It takes a lot of… Continue Reading >

Three ways to manage expectations when you’re expecting 

Your expectations shape your experiences. And it’s no different with the transition to motherhood. You may have assumptions about what the birth will be like, the type of parent you will be, the things you will or will not do… Continue Reading >

Returning to work after maternity leave: how to make the transition easier

Many of us think that returning to work after maternity leave is like coming back to work after a long holiday. Yes, we may have forgotten our logins, our brains may be a bit foggy, and we may be spending… Continue Reading >

Pregnancy: the best time to prepare for the birth of a new you

Becoming a mother is an important rite of passage in the life of a woman. Preparing for motherhood and your postpartum experience can make a huge difference to your stress levels, mood and relationships during the first days, weeks and… Continue Reading >

Why there’s no such thing as a wrong decision

Decision paralysis is real! When we are faced with choices, no matter how many options we have, what do we tend to do? Overthink, ruminate, procrastinate…and freeze! We put pressure on ourselves to find the best decision. The fear of… Continue Reading >

Tips to Avoid Maternal Burnout

Perfectionism is not a healthy habit. Even less so when it comes to motherhood, unless you’re keen to rub shoulders with overwhelm, resentment, rage and the feeling of never being satisfied, which can eventually lead to maternal burnout. Here is… Continue Reading >

What is Matrescence and why every woman should know about it?

I never thought motherhood would be such a challenging and transformative experience for me. In hindsight, I realise that it started well before my daughter came into this world. I felt a shift within me as I was trying to… Continue Reading >



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