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Eden Roc Coaching and Consulting

Eden Roc Coaching and Consulting

Maryan Bova is a Mum of 3, wife of 25 years, and has a passion for Coaching, personal development, spirituality, running workshops in leadership values and resilience and immersion experiences in retreat format.

Maryan has been a Life coach since 2015, and a Registered Nurse for 27 years. Both professions have been a privilege in serving the community, and have equally infused a richness into each arena and how she serves her clients.

Maryan brings an intelligent, strategic, heart and soul-driven, pragmatic approach, to her coaching, infused with lightheartedness, depth of insight and emphasis on self-awareness, helping you create the results and inner transformation her clients desire.

Her core message is about ending intergenerational emotional trauma that often cascades unnoticed through generations. Creating awareness in our thoughts, behaviour, patterns, interactions and looking after ourselves physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually are key to creating new threads of positivity through the future generations. Coaching, workshops and retreats offer time for us to go inwards, and pay attention to these are as of our lives.



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