Tinkerbell and the Dream Fairies

City: Elsternwick
Time: 11:00am

Join the magical fairies as they go on an exciting musical adventure! In an enchanting world of song and dance, the adventurous Tinkerbell meets up with the fairies from A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Together, the cheeky Mustardseed, fluttery Moth, daring Cobweb and sweet Peaseblossom go on a magical quest with Tinkerbell. The audience is invited to dress up and join in the fun! Come as a fairy, an elf, a Jedi, pirate or a superhero! Everyone is welcome to join this sparkling adventure with a special visit to ‘Bubble Land’ to help Tinkerbell and her new fairy friends find her lost wings. “Fairytastic! I took my three children to this event and it was the most magical time of our whole school holiday. The fairies were so believable and the songs made all the grown ups so happy.” ‍ Show Capacities Due to COVID density limits, tickets to our performances are limited and may sell out quickly. Cast ‍ Tinkerbell Maddisson Riley Peaseblossom Tess Branchflower Moth Sue-Ellen Shook Cobweb Cameron Shook Cobweb Ciera Shook Mustardseed Bronson Pfeiler

Link to website: https://shakespeareaustralia.com.au/productions/tinkerbell-and-the-dream-fairies-ripponlea-2021