Portable North Pole

City: Australia Wide
Time: 9am-10pm

Make your Santa photo experience even more magical and interactive with FREE personalised call and video message from Portable North Pole. Participating Shopping Centres in your neighbourhood are welcoming Santa through to Friday 24 December 2021 – and offering families a bonus gift for booking, courtesy of Portable North Pole, the no.1 Global Santa App, delivering personalised calls and videos from any device in minutes. It’s easy! Select a location of your choice here and book ahead with your preferred centre as walk-in spots will be very limited to unlock a VIP code. Then, simply go to the Portable North Pole site or mobile app and enter your special code to schedule a call with Santa, before the photo call. Santa will address child by name and invite them to visit the local shopping centre for photos. Plus families can relive the magic of their Santa photo experience with a unique personalised video from Santa, addressing them by name may even have a special photo of them hanging on his wall! Both the PNP video & phone call are included in all shopping centre packages and completely shareable, so parents can easily spread the Christmas joy with relatives.

Link to website: https://www.scenetobelieve.com.au/santaphotos/bookings