City: Melbourne
Time: 11:30am - 1:30pm

8300 kilometres will not stop a group of imaginative and inspired children in the ArtPlay building in Melbourne to connect with a group of children in Jeonju, Korea. Using a large projection screen and multiple cameras, the challenge will be to have a conversation without any spoken language. As part of Cultural Diversity Week, artist GiJong Yu in Korea and Jessica Wilson have co-designed this inventive and unique workshop using a suite of technology and physical play in sharing the young participants’ shadows and ideas. “We are taking away language as a form of communication and replacing it with physical responses to each other and the different buildings they are in, so that these children can engage in a totally new kind of imaginative conversation,” Jessica Wilson said. “The exciting challenge presented to us when creating Talking with Shadows was that I didn’t speak Korean and GiJong Yu in Korea couldn’t speak English so we were in a unique situation where we needed an interpreter to exchange ideas and workshop the concepts. We are thrilled with what we discovered together and now we can share with children.”

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