Why is Tummy Time so Important?

Tummy time is one of the most important activities you can do with your new baby. Tummy time is best started from birth and in the early days it may be on your chest when you are lying down. Your… Continue Reading >

Baby sensory activities you can do at home: A guide for new parents.

By Sarah James   Many babies born in 2021 missed out on important interactive and social experiences such as play groups, mothers groups and baby sensory classes due to Covid-19. Don’t worry Mum and Dad – your baby doesn’t have to miss… Continue Reading >

The importance of tummy time for play and development…

By Ellie Ford, Occupational Therapist Youthrive What is tummy time?  Tummy time is when babies or young children are laying or playing on their bellies, also known as the prone position. Tummy time should be considered a position for play, to explore… Continue Reading >

How to Play with Your Newborn Baby

Parents often ask me how they can ‘play’ with their newborn baby. Newborn babies do spend a lot of their time feeding and sleeping but it is important to spend some time playing with them as all babies learn through… Continue Reading >

Tummy Time 101 for New Parents

For our first post, let’s start at the beginning shall we? Tummy time is the one of the first gross motor developmental activities that almost all parents know is important to do with our babies… However, tummy time can also… Continue Reading >

Fun things to do with a Washing Basket

There are many regular everyday items around the house you can use to have fun with your little one and also support their development. One of our favourites is the humble washing basket. Is it a car? A pirate ship?… Continue Reading >