The importance of teaching our kids to be kind to animals

As a wee tot, I can still remember my mum whispering “be kind” as my hand stretched out to pet our family cat, Tiny. Sage words that still guide my hand and heart today, reminding that every being who treads,… Continue Reading >

Creating A Sensory Friendly Classroom

It’s a well-established fact that quality early education plays a crucial part in a child’s developmental and educational journey. However, every child is unique.  They all learn in different ways and this is particularly evident among neurodiverse children whose brains… Continue Reading >

Overcoming The Monster | Emma Mactaggart | Ep 184

  The ancient art of storytelling has been around since time began. As a tribal species, humans have relied on storytelling to help people connect, learn and communicate, with ourselves and others. The voice of narration has always had a… Continue Reading >

How classroom learning has changed because of COVID and how teachers will be evolving lessons moving forward.

The unprecedented times of COVID-19 have brought about many restrictions and strict rules for living and interacting with others. It has impacted everyone in many ways and changed the traditional methods of classroom learning. Nobody saw COVID coming and no… Continue Reading >

Does the teaching suit your child?

There is a quote that floats amongst the teaching pages I follow and it reads: “If a child can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn.” It won’t come as any surprise that all… Continue Reading >

Getting Ready for Kindy

It’s that nerve racking time for many parents. The end of the holidays and start of a brand new year. Such a bittersweet time isn’t it? Getting children ‘ready’ for their first day of formal schooling is a topic that… Continue Reading >

The Benefits of Combining Free-range Play and Teacher-led Play for Children

Imagine what would happen if you took an animal that was held in captivity all its life and suddenly let it free into the wild.  Would it thrive straight away? Probably not.  It would spend a fair amount of time… Continue Reading >

Teaching Your Kids to Say ‘NO’

As parents, we spend an enormous amount of time and effort trying to get our kids to say ‘yes’. Yes to eating veggies, yes to bedtime, yes to putting away toys, yes to cleaning teeth, yes to a multitude of… Continue Reading >

How cooking can help children with anxiety

By Chris Dickson, Youthrive Psychologist   Today, children are growing up in a whole new world. The boom in technology means that children are facing a lot of new difficulties that their parents never grew up with. Children are now… Continue Reading >

Why I Quit Teaching

Bernadette Clegg is a mum of three children, a former special-needs school teacher and the founder of Making Rainbows – an educational music, movement and sensory play program for pre-school aged children. Beginning with just one class in the leafy… Continue Reading >