5 Summer Risks You Might Not Have Thought About

Beach visits, family picnics, backyard shenanigans: All in all, it’s great to be a kid in the summertime! But for babies and toddlers, summer can also pose some unexpected health risks. To ensure you and your love bug have nothing… Continue Reading >

Most common baby skin irritations and how to treat them

Media kindly brought to you by Covitol   At some stage or another, every baby will suffer from a temporary skin irritation that sends parents into a panic as they try to bring relief to their little ones. Babies’ delicate,… Continue Reading >

Arrow Pharmaceuticals

Covitol Cream provides a thick, smooth barrier for long lasting protection and helps to relieve: nappy rash mild eczema dermatitis sunburn cuts and scrapes. Covitol is specially formulated with high levels of Cod Liver Oil, which is naturally rich in… Continue Reading >