10 tips to ‘calm the COVID farm’

Kiddos are do intuitive, right?  They sense when things are good, bad and ugly…  They also sense panic, fear and distress… all of the things that we’re facing right now. So, what can we do to help ‘calm our own… Continue Reading >

Developing Our Kids’ Vocabulary

Vocabulary development or, to ‘know the meaning of a wide variety of words and the structure of written language’ (Five from Five.org.au) is one of the 5 Keys to Reading. When we compare the types of words in say, Eric… Continue Reading >

10 Useful rules for a single parent household

Families come in all shapes and sizes. And this is great. It takes allsorts to make our crazy world go round. But it means all households operate differently, and with children, they must operate effectively and of course, happily. I… Continue Reading >

Toddlers – the benefits in teaching structure

Teaching your toddler structure through their daily activities could be most beneficial for both you and your child. The ability to see routine in daily activities in a most positive way is crucial to the management of your time wisely every… Continue Reading >