Common Mistakes when Teaching Personal Safety and How to Avoid Them

Australia’s Biggest Child Safety Lesson (ABCSL) is a free livestreamed event that engages children across the country in vital personal safety education. In National Child Protection Week, the Daniel Morcombe Foundation will livestream two brand new video safety lessons to… Continue Reading >

Teaching Your Kids to Say ‘NO’

As parents, we spend an enormous amount of time and effort trying to get our kids to say ‘yes’. Yes to eating veggies, yes to bedtime, yes to putting away toys, yes to cleaning teeth, yes to a multitude of… Continue Reading >

Part 2: Make Bullying Un-Cool

Bullying causes scars we cannot see, however remain for life. Just because they are not visible to the eye doesn’t mean they do not exist.  They are real, very real and as a result of immeasurable pain and suffering. In… Continue Reading >