Dry Skin Concerns? Here’s a Path to Healthier Skin

Did you know that our skin is the body’s largest organ and is more than a protective layer? It’s a living canvas, responsive and ever-adapting to the world around us. It silently narrates stories through subtle discomfort. As an expressive… Continue Reading >

Epidural Pain Relief in Labour

For some women, labour and childbirth can be a liberating and validating experience, trusting the power of the female body to conquer one of nature’s most primal, earthy and truly natural events. The rhythmic uterine tightenings are not called contractions… Continue Reading >

Most common baby skin irritations and how to treat them

Media kindly brought to you by Covitol   At some stage or another, every baby will suffer from a temporary skin irritation that sends parents into a panic as they try to bring relief to their little ones. Babies’ delicate,… Continue Reading >

Going Home with your Premature or Sick Newborn – Is this you?

For families who have had a premature or sick newborn, going home is a very special milestone. Finally, there’s the green light to take your baby home. Obviously, it is an exciting time, but alongside the relief of finally leaving… Continue Reading >