Working a Job vs. Owning a Business

Is it better to work a job or own a business? I would have to respond with a resounding “Yes” in support of owning a business. Let’s examine the areas of income, autonomy, and potential. Income A full-time job will… Continue Reading >

Life Leadership with DoctorZed

Dr. Scott Zarcinas is a medical doctor, author of 8 books, and transformologist. He helps pro-active people lift the mind fog to get clarity of the path ahead and build the confidence to live the life you want, the way… Continue Reading >

The Secrets of How to Raise a Confident Child You Probably Don’t Know

Confidence is a very important trait in children as it helps them to overcome their weaknesses and embrace their strengths to improve their lives. However, confidence in children does not always come about naturally. That’s why parents should work on… Continue Reading >