First Child, Second Child: The Effects of Birth Order

Susan Moore & Doreen Rosenthal   Every child is different, a unique combination of genetic tendencies and the influence of environment, including the way you parent.  Is birth order one of the factors that makes a difference to your child’s… Continue Reading >

3 Ways to Stop Binge Eating and Gain Food Freedom

Are you sick and tired of raiding the fridge and pigging out, then hating yourself for doing so?  Or maybe you eat out of boredom and you don’t know how to stop?  Binge eating is when a person eats an… Continue Reading >

‘Tis the Season to Stay Healthy! (Top 10 Tricks to Keep on Track throughout the Christmas Chaos)

Brace yourselves!!! The Christmas season is in full swing… the added demands of school holidays are about to hit the next level…. and the relentless strain of ‘making an appearance’ at every ‘do’ you’ve been invited to…. all add to… Continue Reading >

Preparing for Preschool Math

A delightful aspect of parenting a young child is sharing in their enthusiasm and curiosity of the world. Harnessing this natural desire to learn can sound challenging as a parent, but it needn’t be a daunting task. Activities that engage children… Continue Reading >