5 Reasons to Revisit Your Local Library This Winter

As temperatures drop, it’s time to rediscover the joy of indoor activities with the family. If you’re struggling to find an alternative to the park or playground, why not consider revisiting your local library? In my younger days (yes, pre-internet… Continue Reading >

Seven Other Places to Spot Dinosaurs in Outback Queensland

While Cooper – the largest ever dinosaur found in Australia (we’re talking the same length as a basketball court and same weight as nine African elephants!) – is making headlines across the world, have you ever heard of Krono, Banjo,… Continue Reading >

Connect with your kids with this nature bonding activity

Nature is full of wonder and intrigue – especially for young minds and adventurers. It is full of lessons, life cycles at every conceivable stage, vibrant colours, rich and complex scents.  Things that are essential for a growing and curious… Continue Reading >

Escape to Victoria’s High Country!

Bright Holiday Park is your gateway to Victoria’s High Country. Local rail trails, short walks, long hikes, or day-trips to the nearby snow slopes, are the perfect way to get outdoors, breathing in that fresh alpine air. The park is… Continue Reading >

Adventure Park Geelong

Adventure Park is Victoria’s biggest and most exciting theme park, home to the brand new Tornado waterslide, the state’s biggest and only Proslide Tornado waterslide.

Located just 10 minutes from Geelong, Adventure Park boasts some of the coolest water rides in Australia where you’ll have the best day ever!