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When your newborn baby is more than “unsettled” …. Three Case Studies

I’ve talked a lot this year about Edward, my “orchid” baby.  He’s been fussier than your average baby and has taken a long time to settle down out of his newborn phase.  I’ve shared this journey of having a baby… Continue Reading >

How to Stress Less with your Baby?

Oh, the moment you find out that you are going to have a baby! The exhilaration, joy, excitement, there isn’t any better feeling. The honor of bringing another life into the world also brings duty and upmost responsibility. Every parent… Continue Reading >

Why I wrote a ‘birth preference’ list instead of a birth plan

  Like many pregnant women with a looming due date, I’m starting to put pen to paper about my wishes for bub’s birth. Commonly known as a birth plan, it’s typical for birthing couples to list out a page or… Continue Reading >