Little changes parents can make to improve their children’s vegetable consumption

Children are not consuming enough vegetables. In fact, only 6% of children aged 2-17 years of age eat the recommended amount, according to a recent data from the Australian Health Surveys.  As a parent with two young kids, I understand… Continue Reading >

Is this the key for you to live a healthier life?

By Sarah Smith of Bayside Dietetics or Facebook page Bayside Dietetics For all the joy that coming out of isolation brings, a lot of us will also find that it triggers a desire to lose weight rapidly. For months… Continue Reading >

Fussy Eater Meal Planning 

Fussy eater meal planning can be complicated. If children dictate what food you serve, their difficulties around food will not go away. It’s OK to plan and alternate preferred meals with meals that provide good food exposure and some challenges…. Continue Reading >

Prepping your Freezer for ‘New Mum’ Life

  It’s no secret when you become a mum, feeding yourself becomes your last priority. Whether you’re learning the ropes of motherhood for the first time, or you’re juggling more than one, the last thing you want to thinking about… Continue Reading >

The dos and don’ts of meal planning during pregnancy

Whilst exercise is important, dietary intervention has a greater impact on your health during pregnancy. However, if you’re like a lot of women, you get to lunch time and hunger takes over, causing you to grab the first thing in… Continue Reading >

Planning, it makes life easier.

As a busy parent, we get asked a million questions a day. But what is the one question that gets you shrugging your shoulders? “What’s for dinner?” Given we know dinner happens every day, you would think that we would… Continue Reading >