Crafting Hope from Grief: A Personal Journey of Suicide Bereavement and Guidance for Young Survivors

In 2016, a life-altering call shattered my world when I was studying abroad in Copenhagen. My sister was delivering the unimaginable news of my father’s suicide. Staring at the sad fog outside my window, her words were heavy in the… Continue Reading >

Father’s Day Grief

Beyond the Celebration: Providing a Shoulder for Bereaved Dads this Father’s Day   While Father’s Day is a time to celebrate the joy and love that fathers – and father figures – bring into our lives, we must also remember that… Continue Reading >

How to Support Your Kids through Grief

As much as we yearn to protect our kids and shield them from pain, there are times when they will be hurt. For instance, there is not much we can do to protect them from the pain of grief and… Continue Reading >

How parents can help children grieving with “Where are you Harry”

The grief adults experience during the loss of a child or loved one is indescribable. But when a child experiences such a traumatic event, such as losing a sibling or a friend, their behaviour can reflect so many different emotions… Continue Reading >

How to Support Grieving Families

When a family member or friend suffers the loss of their much loved baby, you may not always know what to say or do. You may be feeling helpless and powerless and quite distressed yourself. Bears of Hope Pregnancy and… Continue Reading >