The Benefits of Children Growing Up with Pets

I grew up on a farm as a young boy so animals were just part of my daily ritual. My step father insisted that the animals eat before we did in the morning, and this job fell in my hands…. Continue Reading >

Teaching Kids Respect

The equality of women has been an issue for many years. It is currently more of an issue when it becomes apparent to the public about how women are treated in the political arena by some of their male colleagues…. Continue Reading >

Seven Breastfeeding Myths Busted

New mums often find themselves on the receiving end of all kinds of advice. Most people are genuinely trying to be helpful, but, unfortunately, few topics attract more heated debate, misinformation, and confusion than breastfeeding. Many new mums, who start… Continue Reading >

Starting School

Do you have a little one about to start school – if so, you might be talking about this and possibly even doing some orientations at the school! Becoming a school kid is a big, big milestone. It is an… Continue Reading >

Is My Child Stressed?

Quite simply put, “Yes”.  Stress is something that we all face every single day.  It is not dangerous in itself and some stress can actually be quite helpful.  Good stress alerts us to real and certain dangers and directs us… Continue Reading >

Gut Health for Kids

By Sarah Smith from Bayside Dietetics Have you heard the one about the adult who was cured of fatigue and tummy pain by making sure their gut was “healthy”? Kids can have these symptoms too but may struggle to communicate… Continue Reading >