Early Childhood And The Benefits Of Friendship

Establishing friendships is a really important aspect of early childhood development as it can have a significant impact on young children’s mental, physical and emotional health. This article takes a look at the benefits of strong, healthy and rich friendships,… Continue Reading >

Are “Online” friends, “Real’ friends?

“Hey Dad!!”, Master 14 begins as he bursts through the door which joins our kids retreat to out lounge room.  “Vertex and Straw just helped me get Platinum Support.  We capped two points with 4 and a half minutes left… Continue Reading >

Childhood Stress and Anxiety Management

School can be a slog – there’s no doubt about that. It’s a place where great memories and lifelong friendships are forged, both inside and outside the classroom, but it has its fair share of natural negativity too with the… Continue Reading >

How you can make Christmas special for you and your child when divorcing

Christmas can stir-up a variety of emotions in people and families. There can be remorse for breaking up a family, sadness that the family aren’t together, missing old traditions and loneliness of being on your own. But … there is… Continue Reading >

Getting Along: How to Skip the Sibling Rivalry And Raise Best Friends.

The relationship between siblings is an incredibly special one. It’s a bond forged by years of togetherness, through the times you get along and the times you don’t. As parents, helping our children to get along as they grow is… Continue Reading >

Introducing Stepfamilies Australia, Kiddipedia’s Family is Growing!

Kiddipedia is definitely growing! We are so pleased to inform you that Stepfamilies Australia is on board. As one of Australia’s fastest growing family types, Stepfamilies Australia is proud to support and strengthen stepfamilies with a range of resources, educational… Continue Reading >

15 Ways to Help Raise Compassionate Children

Compassion is defined as the sympathetic concern for another’s suffering or misfortune. Children’s brains do not develop the ability feel malice or ill feelings until the age of 8 years of age. That said, they are naturally loving and compassionate,… Continue Reading >