How to Encourage a Correct Pencil Grasp

From a very early age we see babies begin to navigate using their hands and fingers to explore the environment around them. Fine motor skills move through different stages of development as an important part of early childhood. When it… Continue Reading >

The kids are doing just fine…

by Shane Warren   In recent years all across the globe, we have witnessed a growing public debate about the rights of same-sex attracted couples being allowed to marry.  Echoing down the halls of this debate constantly is the discussion… Continue Reading >

Freaky Clean Parent, Fussy Eater Child | Marie-France Laval | Ep 195

  Picture this scenario with me for a moment if you will. Your toddler, sat in their highchair, feeding themselves surrounded by food mess. Their meal is equal parts on the table in front of them, on their clothes, face,… Continue Reading >

What should parents look for in infant nutrition?

With over 15 years of local and international experience, Paediatric Dietitian Miriam Raleigh has a good idea of what is best when it comes to infant nutrition. And today, along with infant nutrition brand Nutura Organic, she is revealing what… Continue Reading >

How to Set Up a Movement Space for your Newborn

It is such a special time when you welcome a brand new baby into your family! Those first few weeks fly by so quickly. Babies develop and grow so quickly during their first year of life and you might be… Continue Reading >

The World-Class Children’s Museum is Bringing their Magic to Melbourne

MoPA: MUSEUM OF PLAY AND ART IN GEELONG SECURES FEDERAL ARTS GRANT TO EXPAND Geelong Children’s Museum MoPA: Museum of Play and Art, established in January 2020, is the recipient of a $277,000 grant as part of the Federal Government Restart Investment… Continue Reading >

How to help ourselves cope

“They call me an expert with kids,” says Amanda Dounis. “Since 1999 I have run and operated my own early learning centres. Now I see so many kids of all ages at my clinic (and even online). “It wasn’t long… Continue Reading >

5 Ways To Prepare Your Kids For School Holiday Adventures

Media kindly brought to you by Zinc Flyte Australia Australians’ spirit for travel and adventure has languished during the global pandemic, with our world effectively shrinking under restrictions, lockdowns and social isolation measures. Our wanderlust may have dimmed in accordance… Continue Reading >

Strategies to stay positive during difficult times

There’s so much uncertainty right now, it’s no wonder you may be feeling overwhelmed, helpless or fearful! It’s OK to feel these things, but you don’t have to be stuck like this. Our minds look for the negative. It’s a… Continue Reading >

The Importance of Play for Children

Children love to play, it’s in their nature.  For children, play is a fun and safe way to explore the world around them. It’s also a way to make friends and form bonds with adults.  Children can learn many things… Continue Reading >