Why Do Babies Love to Drop Things?

Why do babies love dropping things? The simple answer is: they’re curious and they want to see what will happen. Will the object make a noise when it hits the ground? How far will it bounce? They’re also trying to… Continue Reading >

COVID and the Developmental Effects on Infants

During the last two years, extended lockdowns and isolation due to COVID-19 has been hard for many parents for so many different reasons. As the Pandemic stretches on, parents, researchers and those of us who work with children ask ourselves… Continue Reading >

Is my child ready to walk to school?

By Youthrive Clinical Psychologists   It’s natural that we want to make sure our children arrive safely at school. While it’s never easy saying goodbye to routine school drop-offs, is it time to give your children extra freedom and responsibility… Continue Reading >

Simple Steps to ESCAPE the ‘Summer SWELL’

We often hear people talking about how easy it is to lose weight during the summer months (because we supposedly eat ‘lighter’ and get a little more active).… but for some of us (and our kids), summer can have the… Continue Reading >

We reap what we sow.

No truer phrase has been spoken, especially when it comes to our children. We know that how we treat our children today will have an effect on them in the future.  This is most evident in the way we speak… Continue Reading >

Keeping Mentally Fit

I absolutely love Yoga, not that I’m particularly good at it but since Year 11 in high school I’ve practiced it in different class settings for various periods of time. I always knew I wanted to try a pre-natal yoga… Continue Reading >