The Best Things You Can Do As a Parent of a Child in Early Years

Let’s look at parenting this way: there are 18 summers to enjoy your child before they are officially called an adult. Even less, to be realistic, since when they become a teenager, their summer holidays will look a lot different… Continue Reading >

The benefits of sending your child to childcare

By Dr Kaylene Henderson   The decision about whether to send your child to childcare is often accompanied by a wave of mixed emotions – nervousness, relief and that all-familiar guilt, just to name a few. After all, you’re planning… Continue Reading >

Emotional Transformation – The Birth of a Mother

By Renee Adair   To the best of my knowledge and experience birth ‘calls us’ in three parts; physically, emotionally and spiritually. They are a collective but sadly in our culture we have come to focus predominately on the physical… Continue Reading >

Ways to Help Children Process Information More Easily

As a parent or early childhood educator, I’m sure you’re interested in strategies to help children process information efficiently. This is called executive function and it supports learning. There are three key elements: Focus and self-regulation: can children behave in… Continue Reading >

Sticks and stones may break your bones, but gee they’re fun to play with!

The sight of a child playing with sticks and stones is usually enough to elicit some kind of freak-out response from most parents and with good reason; sticks and stones can be dangerous right? But really, that can be said… Continue Reading >