How to protect yourself and your family in the COVID-19 era

Whilst optimum health and immunity is always at the forefront of my mind and daily work with my patients, 2020 is bringing new world-wide focus to the essential value of our health. As a mum of a young toddler, an… Continue Reading >

Leading Australian Dietitian, Melanie McGrice joins Kiddipedia!

Melanie McGrice is a leading Australian dietitian and a highly respected author, researcher, journalist, speaker, blogger, thought leader and media personality on nutrition and dietary issues – and we are thrilled to be in partnership with her.  As an Advanced… Continue Reading >

Vomiting and Your Pelvic Floor

Recently I had the misfortune of getting food poisoning after a business lunch in a local café and spent the better part of next 12 hours intermittently calling out to God via the porcelain telephone. After each vomiting episode my… Continue Reading >