Each new year brings with it hope. This year, in 2022 we’re all hoping for a more predictable year, I think most of us have had enough of the unexpected, we’re hoping for routine, for schools to stay open and… Continue Reading >

How to find the right NDIS services for your child

Imagine you are sitting in your paediatrician’s consulting rooms and she has just confirmed your long-standing suspicion that your gorgeous 8-year-old has autism. Your mind is spinning – what does this mean for my child, have I done the right… Continue Reading >

When your child needs you most

Many parents are guilty of being an armchair doctor at some point in their child’s life and who can blame them? While raising children can bring incomparable joy, it can also be overwhelming, especially when a child becomes ill. When… Continue Reading >

7 Questions A Parent Must Consider Regarding Cancer Insurance

Cancer insurance is essential to have for those that have just been diagnosed with cancer. Cancer patients need ongoing intensive care and treatments from their doctor regularly. There are some questions you must consider regarding cancer insurance from the type… Continue Reading >

How Do I Explain My Child’s Diagnosis To Other Siblings?

There can be many and varied life adjustments when one of your children is diagnosed with a disability. When you have other children as well, a flood of questions or thoughts often start to come in your own mind like:… Continue Reading >

When to seek help with fertility?

This varies a little bit based on age. For women under 35, if you have been trying to conceive for a year and have not become pregnant, then I advise seeking help. Usually around 80-90% of women under the age… Continue Reading >

My Child Has Received a Diagnosis – What Now?

Receiving a diagnosis for your child can be devastating. It’s confronting to have your fears confirmed, hear the condition said out loud and seea diagnosis next to your child’s name for the first time. A diagnosis for your child makes… Continue Reading >

I think my child has a mental health condition – what should I do?

By Haylea Hodges, Youthrive Psychologist   Do not panic! Mental health conditions are quite common and are present in around one in seven children aged 4-17 years. Some of the most common mental health conditions that children present with include… Continue Reading >