How to answer tough questions from toddlers and pre-schoolers

It can be difficult for parents to know how to talk about difficult topics to their children. Some parents may feel like they need to protect their children from the realities of life, while others may feel that it is… Continue Reading >

My Best Toilet Training Tips

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4 Signs You’ve Started Toilet Training Too Soon

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Chaos to Calm: Be Curious but not Critical

You can feel it happening again. Despite your repeated, reasonable requests, your child is STILL not ready, and you need to leave for your appointment in five minutes or you’ll be late. The anger building inside you is about to… Continue Reading >

Curious but not Critical: Strategies for Calm Parenting

By Deb Hopper, Occupational Therapist   It’s one of those mornings. Your six-year-old is still wandering around half-dressed after you’ve told him to get ready at least a dozen times. Your eight-year-old is dressed, but is glued to the TV… Continue Reading >

My child doesn’t like reading…

Our first daughter was incredibly curious, but honestly, she would not sit still for long enough to have a story read to her unless it was late in the night, and by late, I mean late. Often, I would fall… Continue Reading >

Your Child’s Future is Built on the Foundations You Help Them Build Today

by Dr. Scott Zarcinas My youngest daughter recently played her first game of soccer for her high school. Surprisingly, she wanted to play goalkeeper, the position nobody else in the team wanted to play. As the last line of defence,… Continue Reading >

Psychologist working with Children and Families

by Carolyn Seri Website – Facebook – zingpinme child psychology   COVID-19 has been a time of disruption and mixed emotions for many families. Household relationships have been put to the test far and wide with home schooling and… Continue Reading >

Child water safety experts warn parents not to be complacent over winter

Water safety expert Laurie Lawrence is calling on parents to remain vigilant about water safety during Winter, especially with COVID-19 interrupting learn-to-swim lessons. “Last year 37 Aussies lost their lives in drowning incidents over the cooler months and with most… Continue Reading >