A Sober Pandemic?

Or have you started drinking more? Let’s face it, it’s been a very weird year. We’ve changed, we wash our hands more and we don’t hug as much. We do strange elbow wagging when we meet, and we feel like… Continue Reading >


I’ve never considered myself to be an alcoholic. Actually, I still don’t. It conjures up the wrong image. When I say my website name, Drunk Mummy Sober Mummy, I imagine people jump straight to worst case scenario, Me, passed out… Continue Reading >

1 in 5 Aussies regret how much alcohol they drank during lockdown

  NEW CAMPAIGN LAUNCHED TO TACKLE COVID-19 DRINKING Nearly one in five Australians wish they had drunk less alcohol during the COVID-19 lockdown, according to new survey data out today from the Alcohol and Drug Foundation. The survey of 1,000… Continue Reading >

Covid-19 Lockdown & Increase Alcohol Consumption | Dr Erin Lalor | Ep 61

It is common that when people find themselves in stressful situations they tend to increase alcohol consumption as a coping mechanism. COVID-19 has been no exception. Recently the Alcohol and Drug Foundation launched a community health initiative ‘You haven’t been… Continue Reading >

Self-care tips for exhausted parents post lockdown

Enter #selfcare into Instagram and you could be excused for thinking that you need to be a 20 something female with a large disposable income and an absence of children to participate in this glorious use of time. But as… Continue Reading >

‘Tis the Season to Stay Healthy! (Top 10 Tricks to Keep on Track throughout the Christmas Chaos)

Brace yourselves!!! The Christmas season is in full swing… the added demands of school holidays are about to hit the next level…. and the relentless strain of ‘making an appearance’ at every ‘do’ you’ve been invited to…. all add to… Continue Reading >

I want to be a better Dad

Recently, life changed forever, I became a Dad. This is what I have always dreamt of, yet nothing can prepare you for the adjustments that come with it. During Caity’s pregnancy I began to seek support for dad’s, at first… Continue Reading >

Safety first – which foods should you stay away from during pregnancy?

Whether you’re a worrier or more happy-go-lucky, you’ve probably had at least a few thoughts about how your lifestyle will affect your baby. The good news: if you’re eating a balanced diet and exercising regularly, you’re probably doing okay! The… Continue Reading >