Body-Confidence 101: A Psychologist Shares her Guide to Self-Acceptance

The concept of ‘self-acceptance’ can sometimes have you thinking of yoga retreats, hour-long baths or pamper weekends. In essence though, ‘self-acceptance’ when it comes to body image is about developing a kind, accepting and respectful relationship with our bodies, including… Continue Reading >

Lunch Boxes for Fussy Eaters, why bother!

Does it matter if they do not eat what is in their lunch box? Is variety really that important? Let’s face it, preparing school lunch for your fussy eater is not one of the joys of parenting. In fact, the… Continue Reading >

Don’t wish for a glamorous life. Instead, be okay with the mundane!

We came across a quote recently by Dr Edith “Mundane life is life too”. And it got us thinking… Generally a typical day can look like this: Wake up, prepare breakfast, pick up stuff off the floor, watch news, look… Continue Reading >

Do We Need to Find Our Purpose?

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash   There has been a huge trend in recent years to ‘find your purpose’. I, for one went on an intrepid search for half my life to find my true self and what really mattered. I wanted… Continue Reading >

Learning to love your new postpartum body

As a new mama you probably did a fair bit of preparation for your new arrival – buying car seats and cots and cute onesies. You might have read books on pregnancy or sat a hospital course on birth or… Continue Reading >

The Mindset Challenge

Photo by Benjamin Manley on Unsplash   Self-care mindset tips for exhausted parents (post lockdown). You’re frustrated with your child, they are throwing a tantrum again, and you feel your anger boiling up on top of feeling overwhelmed & exhausted… Continue Reading >

A Return to Class – How to help your child make the transition back into the classroom, and back to their best!

With communities phasing out of COVID-19 lockdowns, students are preparing to return to the classroom in a part-time or full capacity. While this has brought much jubilation to many households, it is recognised that parents and carers are starting to… Continue Reading >

A Woman’s Influence

Enabling equality Recently it was International Women’s Day, and the theme was ‘An Equal World in an Enabled World’ #EachForEqual. There is much to celebrate, yet there is much we can bring to bear. The majority of women are mums,… Continue Reading >

Understanding Resilience

Resilience is a complex concept, yet it is often a tangible goal for parents when they think of their hopes and dreams for their child.  Everyone would love for their child to be “resilient”, but what does it really mean. … Continue Reading >

Positive Special Needs Parenting – Is onboard!

  For a parent of a child with special needs, they see their experience as unique and challenging but not an unrewarding one. They make it their mission to find simple joys in this whole ugly mess we call life…. Continue Reading >