WIN a VTech Car-Board Racers

WIN a VTech Car-Board Racers

Fuel up your imagination with Car-Board Racers! Construct a customised racetrack using the included recycled cardboard pieces, connectors, and stands. Get creative and design a unique racing experience fit for the most curious of little ones!

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Car-Board Racers promotes sustainability by utilising recycled cardboard and encouraging the use of recyclable household items to create accessories for your race circuit. Think outside the box and transform everyday objects into unique racing elements, fostering eco-conscious play.

VTech Car-Board Racers

Unleash your creativity by using spare cardboard to expand your racetrack. With endless possibilities, you can design different layouts and add exciting features to challenge your racing skills. Get artistic and colour the cardboard pieces to personalise your track.

Watch the chunky vehicle zoom around the edges of the racetrack, taking racing to a whole new dimension! Experience thrilling races as the vehicle navigates the twists and turns of your self-built track, providing hours of fun.

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