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Tiny Hearts First Aid

In just 4 hours, your qualified first aid trainer will cover an extensive range of crucial topics. The session will conclude with 20 minutes of open question time, allowing you to ask as many questions as you like.

Our course covers the most comprehensive list of topics available in the industry, including the following:

• Infant, child, adult CPR
• Choking
• Infection control in the first six months of baby’s life
• Immunisations and whooping cough
• Food testing
• Allergies, anaphylaxis and EpiPen Use
• Respiratory conditions – asthma
• Burns
• Water safety and drowning
• Fever
• Febrile convulsions
• Seizures
• Use of Panadol and Nurofen
• Poisoning
• SIDS and safe sleeping
• Statistics and facts
• Head injuries

Contact: 1300 054 563