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Andrea Perry is a busy mama, experienced K-12 educator, and a certified life, health and wellness coach. She holds a Master of Education degree as well. Her passion is supporting stressed and overwhelmed teachers to overcome burnout, achieve optimal work-life balance, and create a sustainable career so that they can enjoy better health and experience greater fulfillment and joy, both personally and professionally. She recognizes that teachers often lack the support they need from their schools to slow down, create healthy boundaries, and take care of their own wellbeing. Teachers also often struggle with making themselves a priority since they are inherently selfless and have hearts devoted to serving others, especially their students and their own families. But burnout and overwhelm doesn’t have to be the end of the story. Using her unique, proprietary process, Andrea empowers her clients to take charge of their schedule, life, and ultimately reclaim their joy – both in the classroom and in their personal lives – so they can truly thrive.

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