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The Lime Zone

The Lime Zone’s creator is Michelle Jansen – a mother of two middle years students – who saw a gap not just in after school tuition but in education in general.   Michelle is a lifelong learner herself and is absolutely passionate about helping her students achieve their potential.
The heart of The Lime Zone’s model is to make learning fun!  With a purpose built educational training studio designed with flexible furniture layouts in mind, whiteboard walls and the best technology has to offer, the scene is quickly unfolding. And with Michelle’s passion and enthusiasm driving The Lime Zone, all we can say is “Watch Out!”.
The Lime Zone’s core business will centre upon:
1) After-school homework club for students (grade 2 to 10) with real tutors doing homework (or other help) help in an afternoon block (3:15 pm through to 5:45 pm) and/or one-on-one tuition in maths, English or other subjects (grades 1 to 12);
2) School holiday programmes with a technology and/or arts focus intermingled with fun games and activities; and
3) Adult education in niche but market driven areas such as how to get the most out of your iPhone/iPad, taking great photos on your iPhone/iPad, selling on eBay, setting up a website, using WordPress, how to search effectively using Google and so on. Flexibility will be the key here with Michelle prepared to take her adult education wherever the market drives her. (Feel free to contact her with any course ideas!)
We can’t stress enough that The Lime Zone’s intent is to make it all fun. The programmes will be structured so that there will be plenty of time to play before, during or after learning segments. Current trends indicate that people learn better when they are having fun!

Contact: (07) 3262 5937