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The Field Trip

The Field Trip is able to achieve all of the above. It is a youth group, club and/or movement for the 21st Century – a relevant, practical model for engaging older kids (18-24) to lead a weekly program for younger kids (10-17) focused on empowering young people to live extraordinary lives, contribute to the community and achieve ambitious goals. It’s less about helping kids to survive and more about finding ways to help them thrive. It offers older kids paid work so they can put time into growing The Field Trip and delivering the outcomes required.

The Field Trip is because…

The world needs givers, initiators, innovators, instigators and drivers
We all have extraordinary potential we need to fulfil
We get what we give and benefit from empowering others to benefit
We need leaders to create more leaders
Communities need proactive contributors
We create opportunities for ourselves by creating them for others
Young people need positive role models, but can equally be great role models for others
Kids have ideas about how the world should be and should be empowered to express and action their ideas