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A 100% interactive activity centre designed primarily for ages 4 – 14. Our entry fee allows access to our entire indoor venue.

The venue houses 6 unique areas. These areas are all hands-on and cater for children with different skills.

At Taskworks children are encouraged to play with friends or family and to involve themselves in all the different areas

Our six areas include:

Build it (a construction area with life size objects)

Create a scene (a costume area split into 4 with giant backdrops and mirrors – the areas are medieval, future, rock and roll and monster costumes)

Puzzle Room (giant building blocks, puzzles, tangrams, giant world map with magnetic flags. directional mazes etc)

Cable Maze ( a unique maze made from 1000 vertical tubes to work your way around from start to exit)

Pegfast (a game of speed patience and co-ordination)

Stomp a Stump (an action reaction game with 4 zones of kids all competing against each other or trying to beat the new high score)

You are welcome to bring snacks and drinks to Taskworks as the kids will be very thirsty trying to beat our high scores on Stomp A Stump, Peg Fast and the Cable Maze.

Visit our website for more information.


Contact: 03 9561 5561

25 Glenvale Cresent, Mulgrave, VIC

Contact: 03 9561 5561