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SRC Health

SRC Health is the world leading pioneer in postpartum recovery products and now the largest range of pregnancy compression leggings and shorts.

– Pregnancy Shorts & Leggings assist with Low Back Pain, Pelvic Girdle Pain, Mild Varicose Veins and Vulval Varicosities.

– Recovery Shorts & Leggings can fast track recovery after pregnancy; Abdominal Muscle Separation, Perineal Tears and Stitches, C-Section wounds and Low Back Pain.

All SRC garments feature Anatomical Support Panels (ASP)

developed and patented by SRC Health deliver targeted compression, ideal for treating multiple conditions during pregnancy and after delivery, as well as enhancing athletic performance.

The SRC fabric has been tested by being subjected to

100 wash cycles followed by a fabric extension test. After 50 washes, the results showed that the leading competitor compression fabric had not only shrunk significantly, but was less resistant in the stretch. The SRC fabric had minimum shrinkage and retained its stretch resistance under higher force. The shrinkage of both fabrics stabilised after 100 wash cycles, but only the SRC fabric retained the same high level of compression at the conclusion of the testing.

Contact: 03 9646 1826