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SpeechNet Speech Pathology Brisbane Services provides quality and family friendly services to children adolescents. Dr Sandra McMahon, Speech Pathologist, PhD has over 15 years experience in the area of paediatric speech pathology (including previous positions such as Director of Speech Pathology at Royal Children Hospital, Lecturer at the Department of Speech Pathology at the University of Queensland) ensuring experience and up to date knowledge.

Our clinic is right next to park – can make the whole experience fun as the children can play before or after a speech session! Easy Parking and friendly atmosphere.

See our website for FREE parent tips, milestone checklists and other valuable resources. We provide assessments, treatments, screens, skype & online services for ALL COMMUNICATION, LEARNING AND FEEDING

ISSUES for children 0-18 years including:

Unclear speech, dyspraxia, phonological and articulation errors (e.g., leaving sounds out, wrong sounds)
LATE TALKERS: from 18mths to 3 yrs – children using less than 50 words and/or not using small sentences by 24 months of age
Using small, badly formed, immature sentences or sentences with grammatical errors
LITERACY; reading, spelling and poor written sentences or stories
Difficulties listening and attending, Auditory Processing Problems
Voice problems
Breast, bottle or eating difficulties including refusal to eat
We also work closely specific groups e.g., Autism spectrum, Down’s Syndrome, Twins and multiple birth children, complex medical issues.

Dr McMahon along with a small team of experienced speech therapist will provide a service you can be assured will be the right choice for your child. Professional approaches making sure gains and changes in your child speech and concerns occur timely yet the atmosphere is so friendly the children will have a wow of a time!

Dr McMahon is so excited about working with Katy, from Kids Play Occupational Therapy ( and we have two Child Psychologist ONSITE – together we can provided a co-ordinated services providing you with all your needs with one phone call – 3349 9234!
Assessment, Treatment and Group services by one professional or as a multi-disciplinary team as your child needs.

We have HICAPS (for private health insurance payments), credit/EFTPOS facilities and are providers for the AUTISM FUNDING and BETTER START PACKAGE and Medicare Plans.

Call us to discuss how we can help YOUR child.

As some children are too shy or may not need one on one speech therapy at this stage we provide playgroup like services. Our Pop & Top exciting language & Social skills groups with an Academic FOCUS are for ALL CHILDERN – not just those with “problems”. We run Babies Talk Too groups for Mum and Bubs, Early Talker groups for (2-4 yr olds), Late Talker Groups, Social skills groups, Making and Keeping Friends Groups, Autism and Feeding Groups. 3349 9234.

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Contact: (07) 3349 9234