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Anneliese is a certified Health & Wellness Coach and kick-ass motivator, as well as the face behind Spark Courage. Other than her coaching qualifications she also holds a Bachelor and Master of Business – both with a major in Change Management which ties nicely together, as Courage and Change is what she works on with her clients.

She lives and breathes her life motto: “The world belongs to those who set out to conquer it, armed with self-confidence and good humour” and true to this, she helps people who lost their mojo to find their confidence and rediscover their courage! Inspired by adventure and overcoming challenge, her personal and inner discoveries lead her to embrace fear, never to shy away. Being involved in high-risk action sports, such as Skydiving, Snowboarding and Mountainbiking, means that deep self-awareness must be a priority, and it is here that Anneliese believes true power comes from.

Her background entails working with a variety of athletes and active people, who have been dealt setbacks in their endeavours. These setbacks include but aren’t limited to injury, inability to deal with increased pressure and negative stress, all things she experienced multiple times herself. Anneliese strongly supports her clients to rediscover their courage and strength, helping them take charge their own wellbeing, and overcoming their fears! Wellness means something different to everyone. For her, being well means to have optimal mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health. As a coach, she helps her clients to achieve their own “optimum”.

In short, she helps you find your mojo.

If you are just starting on your wellness journey, looking to create healthier and more importantly, sustainable habits, Annie can help! In partnership, she will help you to create change on your own terms and guide you through the process. Spark Courage is a safe place to discuss all topics related to health and wellbeing.


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