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Soccer Time Kids

As an educational sports program we have researched coaching approaches, early years learning and development outcomes and cognitive development methods that are specific to preschool aged children.
We have created a program that is progressive for each age group, providing sports drills, which are achievable for that age bracket. A predominant aspect of Soccer Time Kids is the emphasis on our three areas for individual growth.
These developmental areas are:
Gross motor skills
Cognitive learning and
The building of social relationships.
All Soccer Time Kids sessions feature highly experienced coaches to ensure each child has the opportunity to grow and develop at their own individual rate. Following on from this, the Soccer Time Kids program offers three separate age groups with each session running for a duration of 45 minutes.
The Soccer Time Kids equipment is specially chosen to improve the preschoolers gross motor skills and to develop a fun experience regarding their cognitive learning.
An aspect of Soccer Time Kids is the requirement of parental participation which allows caregivers to enjoy their child`s successes and progression within the program. Also as all Soccer Time Kids sessions are conducted in indoor facilities, preschoolers are able to enjoy their program without the weather elements disrupting their learning.

Contact: 1300 476 223