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Pocket Playhouse

Pocket Playhouse is Handmade in Australia!

A variety of themed “doors”, which come with 20 brightly coloured attachments plus a small fabric chalkboard, are available to choose from, catering for children of both genders across a range of ages. They help to stimulate your child’s imagination whilst reinforcing colour and shape recognition and hand eye co-ordination.

Pocket Playhouse is lightweight, (less than 1kg), is adjustable to fit most standard tables up to 1.2 meters wide to 2 meters long. Extenders are available for longer tables.

Custom orders can be placed if your table does not fit into these measurements.

A storage pocket is integrated in the design making it easy to store and transport.

A great idea for grandparents and an ideal solution for keeping children happy on rainy days during holidays.

One set of doors come FREE with your intial purchase of Pocket Playhouse. Add additional doors as your family grows and/or their interests change.

All components of Pocket Playhouse may be machine washed in cold water.

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Contact: 0414 422 662