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Misty Ridge Cuddly Animal Farm

The friendly animal farm – That comes to you

Misty Ridge Cuddly Animal Farm is a totally self-contained, shaded, mobile animal farm.

The children go into the pen to Cup feed, & Brush then sit & cuddle the smaller animals!

We provide friendly staff, fully fenced animal enclosure with floor covering (if needed), complete with:

  • Lambs
  • Kid goats
  • Piglets
  • Rabbits
  • Chickens
  • Ducks
  • Guinea Pigs

And Party Ponies for Rides

All our animals are hand raised from babies (most being mismothered or orphans) and so are very friendly and used to being handled. Children go in with the animals for hands-on experience.

It’s the ideal EDUTAINMENT for your:




Primary School (approved by the Dept. of Education)

Shopping Centre

Corporate Christmas Party

Special Event

Contact us today or visit us on-line. Please provide full information in email inquiries. It is difficult for us to respond without details about your event.

Misty Ridge Cuddly Animal Farm

Contact: (02) 4576 1407

Contact: (02) 4576 1407